Sachiko Kanaji, MD, PhD

Bleeding Disorders Program Leader

Dr. Sachiko Kanaji joined MERU VasImmune in June 2017. She received her M.D. and Ph.D. from Kyushu University, School of Medicine, Japan. Since 2013, Dr. Kanaji has worked in the research field of thrombosis and hemostasis at The Scripps Research Institute, Molecular Medicine, La Jolla, CA. Prior to that, from 2008 to 2013, she worked as a Research Scientist at the Blood Research Institute (BRI), Blood Center of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI. At BRI, Dr. Kanaji studied the pathophysiology of inherited bleeding disorders caused by abnormalities in platelets (Bernard-Soulier Syndrome) or von Willebrand Factor (von Willebrand Disease). Her previous work includes studies on patients with difficult-to-diagnose bleeding disorders caused by platelet abnormalities or coagulation factor deficiencies.