P3 Fab Anti-Human GPIbα (MVI-1003)

01 Description

P3 monovalent Fab retains the sub-nanomolar affinity for GpIbα of the IgG from which it is derived. The labelled version of P3 Fab can be used to track human platelets in whole blood microscopy experiments without the complication of platelet clumping, and/or off-target effects typically mediated by the Fc portion of an IgG. Moreover, it can be used for a correct and precise determination of the number of GPIbα molecules on platelet surface.

02 Specifications

Clone & Isotope

Mouse IgG1, k




Human Platelets

Storage Buffer

PBS, pH 7.4

Storage Conditions

Cold room for <6 months, -20°C for longer storage. Avoid freezing and thawing cycles.


03 Prices

Standard Format

CAT.# Size Price ($)
MVI-1003-0.1-UN 0.1 mg 120.00
MVI-1003-0.1-LA 0.1 mg 150.00
MVI-1003-0.25-UN 0.25 mg 250.00
MVI-1003-0.25-LA 0.25 mg 312.50
MVI-1003-0.5-UN 0.5 mg 415.00
MVI-1003-0.5-LA 0.5 mg 518.75

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