RG34 – Anti-Human VWF mAb (MVI-1010)

01 Description

Monoclonal antibody raised against reduced and alkylated trypsin generated human von Willebrand (hu-VWF) fragment. It recognizes a 22kD C-terminal hu-vWF fragment in human plasma of different molecular weight, depending on the proteases involved in the fragmentation. Together with RG24 (Catalog No. MVI-1009), it can discriminate between ADAMTS13 and plasmin-dependent proteolysis.  Available unlabeled and labeled.

02 Specifications

Clone & Isotope

Mouse IgG1, k




Human VWF

Storage Buffer

PBS, pH 7.4

Storage Conditions

Cold room for <6 months, -20°C for longer storage. Avoid freezing and thawing cycles.


03 Prices

Standard Format

CAT.# Size Price ($)
MVI-1010-0.1-UN 0.1 mg 80.00
MVI-1010-0.1-LA 0.1 mg 100.00
MVI-1010-0.25-UN 0.25 mg 200.00
MVI-1010-0.25-LA 0.25 mg 250.00
MVI-1010-0.5-UN 0.5 mg 350.00
MVI-1010-0.5-LA 0.5 mg 437.50

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