152B6 – Anti-Human VWF mAb (MVI-1006)

01 Description

The 152B6 monoclonal antibody was raised against the synthetic peptide containing the Arg-Gly-Asp sequence and flanking residues of von Willebrand factor (VWF). VWF is a large multimeric glycoprotein synthetized by endothelial cells and megakaryocytes that performs critical functions in hemostasis.  It is an adhesive protein that contributes to platelet function by mediating the initiation and progression of thrombus formation at the site of vascular injury by means of specific interactions with extracellular matrix components and platelet receptors. 152B6 reacts specifically with the αIIbβ3 binding site of VWF and selectively inhibits the binding. Moreover, 152B6 has no cross reactivity with other RGD-containing proteins such as fibrinogen, fibronectin, or vitronectin.  Available unlabeled and labeled.

02 Specifications

Clone & Isotope

Mouse IgG1, k




Human VWF

Storage Buffer

PBS, pH 7.4

Storage Conditions

Cold room for <6 months, -20°C for longer storage. Avoid freezing and thawing cycles.


03 Prices

Standard Format

CAT.# Size Price ($)
MVI-1006-0.1-UN 0.1 mg 80.00
MVI-1006-0.1-LA 0.1 mg 100.00
MVI-1006-0.25-UN 0.25 mg 200.00
MVI-1006-0.25-LA 0.25 mg 250.00
MVI-1006-0.5-UN 0.5 mg 350.00
MVI-1006-0.5-LA 0.5 mg 437.50