5A7 – Anti-Mouse GPIbα mAb (MVI-1001)

01 Description

The 5A7 clone binds mouse GPIbα, and when injected in vivo, it completely depletes circulating platelets for 3 days with as little as 1 μg/g mouse weight. Moreover, 5A7 works very well to phenotype mouse GpIbα on mouse platelets or megakaryocytes. GPIbα, also known as CD42b, is a 145kD glycoprotein expressed on the surface of platelets and megakaryocytes in a hetero-oligomeric membrane complex composed of GpIbβ, GPIX, and GPV. This platelet membrane complex binds to proteins involved in inflammation, thrombosis, and hemostasis, of which the best characterized are von Willebrand Factor (VWF) and α-thrombin (FIIa).  Available unlabeled and labeled.

02 Specifications

Clone & Isotope

Rat IgG1, k


Mouse (C57BL/6, FVB, 129, BALB/c, NZB, DBA/1, DBA/2, SWR tested thus far).


Mouse Glycoprotein Ibα

Storage Buffer

PBS, pH 7.4, filtered 0.22 μm for sterility.

Storage Conditions

Cold room for <6 months, -20°C for longer storage.  Avoid freezing and thawing cycles.


03 Prices

Standard Format

CAT.# Size Price ($)
MVI-1001-0.5-UN 0.5 mg 350.00
MVI-1001-0.5-LA 0.5 mg 437.50
MVI-1001-1.0-UN 1.0 mg 650.00
MVI-1001-1.0-LA 1.0 mg 812.50
MVI-1001-5.0-UN 5.0 mg 3,000.00
MVI-1001-5.0-LA 5.0 mg 3,750.00

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