MERU VasImmune, Inc., was founded by Zaverio M. Ruggeri, MD in August 2016 with a mission to develop novel and transformative products addressing the role of platelets and coagulation in the areas of thrombosis, bleeding, infection, inflammation, allergy, and cancer.

Our Mission

Blood is essential to life. Understanding blood and its functions can contribute to improving patient outcomes in many diseases and, ultimately, save lives. At MERU VasImmune, our mission is to develop products that reveal the role of platelets and coagulation on an individualized basis. With a solid foundation in research, our team aims to serve as an essential reference in this biomedical space for investigators and clinicians worldwide.

MERU VasImmune Areas of Expertise

The MERU VasImmune Network

Advancement of science, collaboration, and networking are intrinsic characteristics of our DNA. We are proud to be associated with the MERU Foundation for Biomedical Research in Milan, Italy; a Foundation that supports research in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of pathologies and conditions that cause physical, psychological and emotional suffering. The MERU Foundation provides a unique opportunity for MERU VasImmune to attract leading researchers and collaborators from around the world.

The leaders of MERU VasImmune are proud to be associated with The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) for over 30 years. TSRI, one of the most influential institutions in the world for its impact on innovation, is the home for many of the best international scientists. We at MERU VasImmune are excited to call TSRI our partner.

Are You Curious?

The MERU VasImmune team is driven by a combination of determination, creativity and curiosity. Be curious with us.